Russian Brides: Dating Scam Patterns – How To Recognize The Most Popular Method Used To Steal Your Money

Russian Women, it is you again, but how did you get cheated? Russian Scams, how large is the danger, could this happen to me; how to avoid this? thousands of internet users constantly ask themselves and on it about this. In any form of Internet industry (where money is at stake) there are always some risks, but what mostly call for worries are Russian marriage scams or Russian bride scams. Many people consider that these Russian marriage scams are dangerous and fraudulent and not very far-fetched, many marriages have ended up in divorce because of this.

Russian Brides are trained to deceive and take advantage of other people’s ignorance and desperation. They are skilled in using deception and deviousness. Russian brides have no qualms about lying, pretending to be sick, a deadbeat, an unemployed or just about anything else to cheat on their husbands. They know that they have their own families to support as well, so they lie about their marital status. Some Russian bride scams involve men pretending to be single and asking for the bride’s husband’s bank account details. When they get the money, they go on a honeymoon, while the husband is told the Russian woman is now his wife.

Travel For Marriage And Tips On Avoiding Scams

Many people say that russian women are clever and intelligent; if you know how to handle them properly, then you have a great chance of finding your true life partner. In most cases, these Russian brides are already married before the man met her. This is one of the most common reasons of Russian marriage failures. So how can Russian women be your future wife? Follow some tips below:

  • Always remember that the internet is full of dangerous people. There are many online scams, frauds and cons which are being used by several desperate Russian women. These Russian women will be posing as a western woman who is rich and beautiful. Some women will even pretend to be a rich man who is in search of a Russian bride. These Russian women usually demand very high fees and charges, even that’s not their true goal.
  • You must avoid any Russian bride scams by making sure to look at the background or information about the company before signing any type of agreement. You should never pay any upfront fees or charges from any company, Russian or not. Never let a Russian bride force you into anything, because once she starts to pressure you then it is too late for you to say goodbye to your money. It is always advisable to hire a Russian marriage attorney or Russian lawyer if you plan to marry a Russian woman through mail order bride services.
  • One of the first things that you need to do when considering a Russian bride-to-be is to understand that marriages done through mail order bride services have very serious legal implications. Any Russian bride who wants to get married in this way has to fulfill several legal obligations such as giving the husband everything he needs in financial support, in fact she even has to give up her U.S citizenship. This might sound funny, but this is true. If a Russian bride wants to get married under these conditions then it means that she is risking her life in order to leave her home country and come live in America. So be aware of all these things before you sign any papers.

Scam Check Girl On Database Of Russian Scammers & Online Dating Agency

Another big warning sign that you should take note of is the price. Most Russian women will advertise their services charging thousands of dollars for their services. In some cases they even demand for huge monthly payments. A Russian bride who intends to marry an American should be prepared for the price that you will be paying for your service. In case you are not prepared to pay this price you probably shouldn’t get into a Russian bride-to-be relationship.


The last thing that you should consider is the possibility that the Russian bride might not be who she claims to be. There are many cases of Russian women being married to foreigners. If you consider carefully before taking the risk, you might be able to avoid any risks that go along with Russian women marriage. All you have to do is make sure that you know what you are getting into before you start dealing with Russian women.

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