The Russian Bride: Movie Review

A Russian bride moves to America to live with her wealthy husband. However, when they arrive, he turns out to actually be a psychotic who ship their lives spiraling downward into a life-threatening living hell. He tortures and kills his way through the country, sending his family into hiding, and the bride becomes a virtual prisoner. She is tortured by the man she calls her “bookie,” and even if she gets help from a few well-meaning people, she still needs time to herself to get out of the situation. The film’s lead character saves the day though, and while she does it by getting out of the house and into the arms of an unexpected stranger, this ending feels like it belongs in a completely different film.

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The movie starts off as we are introduced to the Count, a con artist from Saint Petersburg, who is at the height of his popularity. He has a fleet of planes that he uses for his illegal operations, and his influence over the court and government is too great for the authorities to ignore. All this is wrapped up in the most classic romance movie format we could ever ask for: the girl he loves is kept from her own wedding by her own mother (Karen Allen), who wants her to wed the handsome Russian so she can have a proper life (instead of always spending her days in a small town in the country). Her sister, Marina (Diane Lane), is trying to get her mother to agree to marry the Count, but it seems to be more about the money than anything else.

We open on the wedding itself, which takes place in a remote village. The bride’s family is present, along with the entire wedding party. They are welcoming the bride and her groom into the home as a newlywed couple. While everyone is happy for the new family, the bride makes it clear that she would like to spend her upcoming wedding night alone. She practically storms into the kitchen, demanding that her father give her the room she needs…or else!

After a heated exchange of words, the happy couple is interrupted by the arrival of their maid, Natalia (Sandra Oh), who wants to help the couple with the preparations for the wedding. The Count is not amused to learn that Natalia is there to help. After a heated exchange of insults, the two families try to have a civilized conversation, but Natalia proves to have more power over the bride and her parents than they think…

The movie wraps up with the Count at the airport waiting for his plane. As he walks up the ramp, the jet behind him suddenly taxis out of the airport. The movie ends with the happy couple riding away in the taxi, and the music swells to the strains of” Dmitry Chaplin’s greatest comedy”. It is a love story that will make you laugh, and roots for the happy couple as they fly away on the “Chaplin” plane. A real tear jerker.

Audience Reviews For The Russian Bride

Overall, The Russian Bride is a great movie from beginning to end. I hope my review helps you enjoy the rest of the show. I enjoyed the Russian bridesmaids, the chemistry between the various couples, and the humor throughout the movie. This is one of the better comedies out right now that you could choose to watch with your family.

If you have never seen a movie about the Russian bride, then prepare to be impressed. This is not your grandmother’s Russian bride story…it’s modern day with a touch of humor. If you like your movies a little slice of reality, this is the movie for you.

When I saw The Russian Bride, I had high hopes for the film. The Russian bride was played by Anna Akosseva, who is supposed to be an aspiring singer. However, I find her character to be too perfect to be a singer. Her accent, diction, and everything about her character just scream “actress”. On the other hand, Alexander Pugachevsky plays the role of the groom perfectly. I also thought director Andre the Giant was great at bringing the audience into the characters world.


Although The Russian Bride is a funny movie, it is not a very deep film. The characters are too generic and the story lacks a definite direction. However, if you have an empty stomach, and some patience, this movie has an endless supply of entertainment. I would recommend The Russian Bride to anyone who has not seen the movie and would give it a try if you have.

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